• Public Education

    A new entitlement program in Texas?


    You might say a new entitlement program that could cost Texans up to $5 billion per year over the next 10 years couldn't be possible in Texas. You'd be wrong, because that's exactly what some special interests are trying to do with our education system.

  • Energy

    How I'd fix the Railroad Commission

    When it comes to the office of Texas railroad commissioner, there’s not a more important elected position in Texas — and perhaps the nation — that so few people seem to know or care about. Here's how I would increase public trust in this vital agency.

  • Health

    How Texas kicked its big drug problem


    A decade after an overmedication crisis in Texas’ foster care system was brought to light, the state has dramatically reduced psychotropic drug use among foster children. And understanding how Texas did it could be key to solving future policy problems.

News From Home

Sometimes looks do matter

We’re all about serious journalism here at The Texas Tribune. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. But we also care about how our serious journalism looks.


Charting a new future for the Gulf of Mexico

Four years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the largest conservation land purchase in Texas history provides a roadmap for how the state can invest in projects that will help heal the Gulf of Mexico, a vital resource.


Perry's penchant for living on the edge

With every passing year, Gov. Rick Perry just seems to have grown bolder and bolder, like a roguish movie character who bends and twists the rules of the game, always managing to escape the burning building. Can he do it once more?


How start-up culture is changing Mexico

The U.S. isn't the only place where high-tech innovation is reshaping the economic landscape. In Mexico, where monopolies and duopolies have long reigned, new start-ups are changing the way the country does business.

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